Revò Mekano - Tapì for Beer
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Innovation – Technology – Design

Mekano: the closure that brands were looking for


The closure that brands were looking for to help them stand out Innovation, high technology and design make Mekano a unique product for the beverage sector. Mekano is the closure that brands were looking for, born out of our desire to implement technological innovation and create new aesthetic trends in the packaging design sector.


The search for a functional solution coupled with a strong aesthetic impact is the philosophy underlying closure market leader Tapì’s R&D investments over the years in Mekano, a product that has now found full expression in various sectors, such as spirits, beer, wine, olive oil and soft drinks, using a completely new concept in closures.


Revò: Tapì’s creative laboratory


Revò is the brand that identifies the Tapì Group department dedicated to technological and functional innovation and product creativity.

Design – struttura

La struttura della chiusura Starlight

Design – structure

Mekano: the structure


The head is made out of a thermoplastic resin created with high-performance technopolymers.


The seal is made up of a high gas-barrier ethylene rubber. Its development, in terms of material research, stems from the biomedical sector, and is suitable for foods.


Arm and Lever
The arms and what we call the lever are made up of glass-fibre composite materials which are comparable, in terms of resistance, to aluminium.


The advantages of Mekano

Maximum sealing safety

Each component can be customized


Maximum ease of use in manual application

Suitable for pasteurization

High gas barrier

Cutting-edge design

No mechanical lubricants

No rusting

Design Made in Italy

What makes Mekano unique

Mekano is a modern concept in closures and, with its full compatibility and interchangeability, could easily replace the galvanized iron or stainless steel caps that are currently being used.


The practicality of Mekano makes it easy to apply during the bottling process; it is also organoleptically neutral and therefore suitable for any type of bottle in the food sector, meeting strict quality standards.


Mekano is produced with raw materials compliant with the most authoritative international standards for food-contact materials.

Technical information

Dimensions and measures

• High-Performance Technopolymer Composition
• Working Pressure >6 bar
• Oxygen transfer 0.0075 cc/atm/day – P. 1 bar – T. 23°C – Shelf life 2 years
• Suitable for pasteurization Max 75°C – pH=6 – 1h max
• Vertical closing force 20 – 25 KgF
• Horizontal opening force 8 – 12 KgF


The product complies with the regulations in force for articles intended to come into direct contact with foods according to Commission Regulation (EU) Nr. 10/2011 of 14 January 2011.
Compliant with the US Directive: FDA CFR (Code of Federal Regulations), Title 21 § 177.1520 “Olefin polymers”.

AMS – Automation


Automatic application system of Mekano in the bottle

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