Tapì for Beer - Revò Mekano - Tapì for Beer
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Tapì for the beer sector

Revò: The packaging revolution in the beer sector

Revò is the new brand that identifies the Tapì Group’s beer business unit. Investments in research and development and technology focused on beer, reflect the Group’s desire to focus on an evolving, export-driven market and the new openings provided by craft and pub breweries.


«The name Revò expresses a high propensity to innovation, in a quest for top technical performance and modern technology. At the same time, it also has a rather vintage flavour: our past, our tradition seen through a new lens – reinterpreted through the eyes of Tapì».

The Revò mission


Revò’s mission is very clearly-defined, aiming to expand the experience, creativity and passion we’ve always had here at Tapì for bar-top closures, especially in the wine and spirits sector, into the international beer market.


The innovative closure that is revolutionizing the way we preserve quality beer

Innovation, high technology and maximum customization
make Mekano a unique beer product.


The Tapì Group


Tapì is an international group specializing in the design, production and distribution of high-end technological closures for the packaging world.


Tapì develops products for the spirits, wine, oil and condiments, and cosmetics sectors. With over 300 employees worldwide, providing support for over 3,000 bottlers in over 60 countries, Tapì has consolidated its global presence with a series of sales offices, R&D facilities and distributors.

Company Sites:

  • Tapì S.p.A. | Headquarters, Massanzago (PD)
  • Tapì S.p.A. | Assembling & Customization, Massanzago (PD)
  • Tapì S.p.A. | High Performance Factory, Rossano Veneto (VI)
  • Tapì USA | Philadelphia
  • Tapì America | Mexico
  • Tapì Argentina | Córdoba
  • Tapì Russia | Moscow


  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Oil
  • Condiments
  • Cosmetics
  • Beer

info@tapigroup.com ∙ www.tapigroup.com