The technological innovation and Italian design in the beverage sector

«The name Revò expresses a high propensity to innovation, in a quest for top technical performance and modern technology. At the same time, it also has a rather vintage flavour: our past, our tradition seen through a new lens – more geared towards the needs and trends of our times».
Revò aims to introduce a new concept of innovation and creativity in the beverage world.
Passion, technological and design innovation and creativity have always been the Tapì brand’s distinguishing features around the world, and it was on these principles that the Revò creative workshop was founded.


The design closure that brands were looking for to help them stand out
Design, innovation and advanced technology make Mekano a unique product,
driven by the latest aesthetic trends in the premium beverage market.
Mekano was created in response to a unique functional requirement, combined with a strong sensory impact.
It has been designed as a closure mechanism that’s both cutting edge and unconventional, but with an eco-friendly heart.

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